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What is Frisky Me? ™
Frisky Me ™ allows you to indulge in your inner animalistic being. We all have an animal that we relate to. Within that animal is a wild and sensuous you that is brought out when you wear the right clothes, put on the right cosmetics and wear the right perfume. That's the real you — the Frisky Me ™ that empowers you to live each day (and night) to the fullest.

Why Frisky Me? ™
Why not? Why not indulge yourself in something that brings out the inner you rather than the same old tired stuff that cannot make you stand out like the wild being that you truly are.

What does it mean to be Frisky Me? ™
It means that you have decided to define yourself by your inner being, rather than trying to fit into something that others have pushed on you. Frisky Me ™ is wild, open, with no boundaries. There are no rules! There are no limits!

How do I indulge in Frisky Me? ™
Wearing our clothes, using our cosmetics or putting on our perfume is only part of it. The rest is the Frisky Me ™ lifestyle, which consists of health, vitality and an outdoor animalistic embracing of life in all its splendor.

What is the Frisky Me ™ philosophy?
The Frisky Me ™ philosophy is about living life to the fullest, and embracing yourself in all your splendor. We want you to exercise that body, sharpen that mind, and positively explode with the vitality that defines your inner animalistic light. Frisky Me ™ is about so much more than just how you look, it is about what is inside you and letting out everything that makes you special.


Why Frisky Me? ™
Raold Dahl wrote that “My candle burns at both ends. It will not last the night. But ah my foes and oh my friends. It gives a lovely light.” and this too is the Frisky Me ™ phlosophy — where you live so in the moment, taking in everything and living so brightly, that you cannot help but be the light and focus of everything around you.

Will Frisky Me ™ really change me?
You are who you are, and until you accept this and project what is inside you, you will always be held back. Frisky Me ™ taps into that inner you that is positively trying to explode outwards, and puts you in touch with your very essence, your animalistic, sexy presence that will make you more than just what you wear, will be all about what you are.

Is there a lifestyle to Frisky Me? ™
If you're living the Frisky Me ™ life, you know no limits, no bounds, and are in touch with your inner being, the animal inside you. Each of us identifies with a different animal, and Frisky Me ™ attempts to take that inner essence of you and project it out, to the stars, and to the world, to put you in your best and most dazzling light!

What is the essence of Frisky Me? ™
The essence of Frisky Me ™ is — you — you and you alone. Let us take you back into yourself, to bring out the inner you that has never before been so wildly and utterly without abandon been tapped in to.

How do I become a part of Frisky Me? ™
The earth has music for those who listen — and by listening to your inner self, you may embrace and express yourself in the Frisky Me ™ movement, which is all about allowing your inner being to explode outwards in the light that becomes your own truly individual Frisky Me. ™